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AlHammadi for Development and Investment annouces its donation of 1 Million Riyals to support the efforts of Health Endowment Fund in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in combating the spread of the Corona virus (CoVid-19 )

The Company stated that this initiative comes in the wake of sensing the company to its social responsibility, and its national duty towards our beloved Kingdom and supporting the efforts of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful Crown Prince - May God protect them - to fight the spread of Corona Virus (CoVid-19). In addition ,the Company expresses its deep gratitude to the tremendous efforts made by Health Brave Heroes that everyone is proud of.
We ask the Almighty – Glory be to Him – to preserve the leadership, the country and the people, and to lift this scourge and push this epidemic from our country and the countries of the whole world