March 13, 2017

Al Hammadi Company for Development and Investment Announces the Completion of the Construction Works in Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha Branch

Al Hammadi Company for Development and Investment announces the completion of the construction work in Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha branch and commencing the test run starting from 13 March 2017 by operating the medical and electromechanical equipment for testing and calibrating purpose and continue working on completing the required medical and administrative staff for commercial run. The total project cost is SR 823 million including the land cost. The Company will announce the commencement of the commercial run later after obtaining all required licenses from the concerned parties. It is worth mentioning that Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha branch was built based on the recent architectural and engineering designs and equipped with latest medical equipment. The hospital built on a land parcel of 21,809 sqm at Al Nuzha district in the northeast Riyadh city. The building has six floors and two underground floors in addition to multi floors parking expands for more than 800 car. The built up area is 101,000 sqm. The hospital capacity reaches 650 beds including 75 critical care beds and 320 long stay and re-habitation beds in addition to 64-outpatient clinic. This project after the commercial run should be a distinguished medical monument and main supporter to the Company future growth as the full capacity of the Company three hospitals will reach 1,378 beds and 202-outpatient clinic.