While our core focus over the next few years will be the successful completion of our new hospitals and the upgrade of Olaya, future opportunities we plan to explore include complementary growth areas and may also consider leveraging the Al Hammadi brand and expertise to Explore opportunities to expand into other regions in Saudi Arabia and in the GCC.

Al Hammadi Hospital AL Nuzha (under construction)


Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha Branch is located in the district of Al Nuzha northeastern city of Riyadh on a land area of 21,908 square meters. It consists of six floors above ground and two floors underground, in addition to multi-floor building for car parks with a total area of about 84,000 square meters. The completion and actual operation is expected to be in the second half of 2016 AD where its capacity is 600 beds, 64 outpatient clinics and 13 operating theater. Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha Branch will provide a comprehensive range of medical care services to patients in addition to the comprehensive and sophisticated medical facilities, and comprehensive care for patients.