Social Responsibility

In light of the rapid scientific advances in health, technological and economic, social and humanitarian contemporary global challenges fields, new concepts have emerged to keep pace with these rapid developments and these concepts the concept of social responsibility, which urges a commitment to the community and as Hammadi Company for Development and Investment part of this community had an obligation we abide responsibilities versatile, scalable important.


Community Service

The Company continues its commitment to social responsibility believing in the importance of linking community with health care field represented by the support and the adoption of a number of programs and charitable activities. Some of these activities and participations are as follows:

Contribution to World Health Day

Contribution to World Diabetes Day

Contribution to World Tuberculosis Day

Contribution to World Malaria Day

Contribution to Blood Donation Day

Contribution to World Heart Day

Participation in the month of health awareness of cervical cancer

Contribution to Asthma Day

Contribution to International Nursing Day

Contribution to Washing Hands Day

Contribution to World Pressure Day

Contribution to World Hepatitis Day

Contribution to World AIDS Day

Participation in the World Breastfeeding Week

Visiting many schools and commercial centers for health awareness.

Multiple Responsibilities

Ranging from the economic aspect in achieving a profit, economic well-being, and in the legal side through compliance with laws, regulations and legislation issued, or in the moral aspect of any work ethic of justice and equity, and to do no harm to others, and a commitment to what is good and leave what is bad, and the aspect of humanitarian commitment, including It is outside the scope of their work, and the extent of the impact on the quality of services at Al Hammadi hospitals.

The dimensions of social responsibility

  • Economic dimension
  • Legal dimension
  • Moral dimension
  • Human dimension
  • Quality