Al Hammadi for Development and Investment

The economic aspect of profit, economic prosperity, and the legal aspect by adhering to the laws, regulations and legislations issued, or in the moral aspect, ie, working with the ethics of justice and justice, and not harming others, and commitment to what is good and leave what is bad, and the humanitarian side to abide by Is beyond the scope of its work, and the impact on the quality of services in Hammadi hospitals


Al Hammadi Hospital Olaya Branch is located in Olaya District in the North of Riyadh. It consists of six adjacent buildi

Al Hammadi Hospital Olaya

Al Hammadi Hospital Suwaidi Branch is located in the district of Suwaidi southwestern city of Riyadh on a land area of 4

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Suwaidi

Al Hammadi Hospital in Al Nuzha, northeast of Riyadh, consists of 6 floors above the ground and two underground floors,

Al Hammadi Hospital AL Nuzha

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