Al Hammadi Holding Company

The Company was established in 1985G in Riyadh as a sole-proprietorship under the name of Al Hammadi Hospital; on 25/01/1425H corresponding to 16/03/2004G Al Hammadi Hospital was converted to a Limited Liability Company under the name of Al Hammadi Hospital Company. Pursuant to the resolution of Al Hammadi Hospital Company shareholders on 13/06/1429H corresponding to 17/06/2008G and in accordance with the ministerial resolution number (316/Q) dated 16/09/1429H corresponding to 16/09/2008G the Company was converted to a Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company under the name of Al Hammadi Company for Development and Investment and the Company was registered in the commercial registry in Riyadh under commercial registration number 1010196714 dated 23/02/1425H corresponding to 13/04/2004G. On 20/07/1435H corresponding to 19/05/2014G the Company obtained the Capital Market Authority approval to increase its capital to be 750 million Saudi Riyals by issuing a new 22.5 million shares through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) within the period from 11/06/2014G to 17/06/2014G. Pursuant the IPO, the Company was listed on Saudi Financial Market (Tadawul) on 17/09/1435H corresponding to 15/07/2014G.The company name changed to Al Hammadi Holding Company after the approval of Extraordinary General Assembly dated 21/11/1443 AH corresponding to 20/6/2022


The Board of Directors of Al Hammadi Company for Development and Investment approved to construct a new hospital to repl

Al Hammadi Hospital Olaya

Al Hammadi Hospital Suwaidi Branch is located in the district of Suwaidi southwestern city of Riyadh on a land area of 4

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Suwaidi

Al Hammadi Hospital in Al Nuzha, northeast of Riyadh, consists of 6 floors above the ground and two underground floors,

Al Hammadi Hospital AL Nuzha

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