Company’s Activities

About Al Hammadi

Al Hammadi Company for Development and Investment (Al Hammadi) was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a limited liability Company under commercial registration number (1010196714) issued in (2004) in Riyadh, and in (2008), the ministerial decree (316/S) was issued to be converted to a Saudi closed joint stock Company.

Company’s Activities The main activities of the Company in accordance with the commercial register are the management and operation of hospitals and medical centers, where the Company manages both Al Hammadi Hospital Olaya Branch located in Olaya District and Al Hammadi Hospital in Suwaidi district in Riyadh in addition to  Al Hammadi Hospital  in Al Nuzha district in Riyadh,
so the number of hospitals owned and operated by it became three hospitals).

The Company has four branches working under separate commercial registers as follows:

Branch Name Commercial Register City Status
Al Hammadi Hospital – Olaya Branch 1010263026 Riyadh Active
Al Hammadi Hospital – Suwaidi Branch 1010374269 Riyadh Active
Al Hammadi Hospital – Al Nuzha Branch 1010374270 Riyadh Active
Al Hammadi for Maintenance and Operation 1010374273 Riyadh No activities