Al Hammadi Hospital Al Suwaidi

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Suwaidi

Al Hammadi Hospital Suwaidi Branch is located in the district of Suwaidi southwestern city of Riyadh on a land area of 44,664 square meters wholly owned by the Company. It consists of a main building of the hospital, consisting of 6 floors above ground and three floors underground, in addition to three residential buildings for employees with a total area of about 95,000 square meters. The actual operation of Al Hammadi Hospital Suwaidi was in 10/10/1436 AH corresponding to 01/08/2015 AD where its capacity is 428 beds, 64 outpatient clinics and 13 operating theater, in addition to cardiac catheterization operations room, two rooms for the upper and lower endoscopy operations and room for kidney and ureter lithotripsy operations. The Company provides medical services in Al Hammadi Hospital Suwaidi through the outpatient clinics and hospitalization in the following specialties:

Specialty Subspecialties
Surgery –         General Surgery – neurosurgery – bones – urinary tract – eyes


–         Vascular Surgery – Plastic Surgery – Ear, Nose and Throat

Internal diseases –         Heart – lungs – dermatology – kidney – digestive system – nerves


–         Mental illness – Chest

Pediatrics –         Heart – intensive care unit for premature babies born – nerves – general children


–         Nursery – Pediatric Surgery – intensive care unit for children

Obstetrics and Gynecology –         Natural birth – cesarean delivery – gynecology – infertility treatment
Dentistry –         Oral Surgery and Dentistry – Orthodontics – Treating Dental Nerves


–         Fixed and Mobile Prosthodontics – Gum Treatment

Emergency and ambulance –         Internal Medicine – Pediatrics – Surgery – Obstetrics and Gynecology
Rehabilitation –         Physical therapy with exercise – electrocuted physical therapy


–         Natural psychotherapy – water physical therapy – fitness rehabilitation program

Other services –         Integrated analyzes and X-ray Laboratory


–         Inpatient pharmacy working around the clock

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