Who we are

عن الشركة

تأسست شركة الحمادي للتنمية والاستثمار (الحمادي) في المملكة العربية السعودية كشركة ذات مسؤولية محدودة بموجب السجل التجاري رقم (1010196714) الصادر في عام(2004م) بمدينة الرياض، وفي عام (2008م) صدر القرار الوزاري رقم (316/ق) القاضي بتحويلها إلى شركة مساهمة سعودية مقفلة ، وحصلت الشركة في تاريخ 2014/05/19م على موافقة هيئة السوق المالية لزيادة رأس المال من (525 مليون ريال) إلى (750 مليون ريال) .

Who we are Al Hammadi Company for Development and Investment (Al Hammadi) was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a limited liability Company under commercial registration number (1010196714) issued in (2004) in Riyadh, and in (2008), the ministerial decree (316/S) was issued to be converted to a Saudi closed joint stock Company.

The Company in 19/05/2014 obtained the approval of the Capital Market Authority to increase the share capital from (525 million SR) to (750 million SR) by offering (22.5 million) new shares of the Company’s shares for public subscription. The Company’s shares were enrolled into the Saudi Stock Market on 15/07/2014 under the name of Al Hammadi.

Organizational Structure of the Company

Board of Directors of Al Hammadi Company for Development and Investment consists of nine (9) members which majority members are non-executive directors and three (3) of them are independent members and these members enjoy competencies and extensive experience to manage the Company. The Board of Directors formed of a number of its committees namely the Audit Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and the Executive Committee, and these committees have approved regulations and rules that form part of the Company’s internal governance system and define the tasks and responsibilities of each. The Company has an executive management consists of a team with extensive experience and high skills to manage the Company efficiently and effectively within the framework of directives issued by the Board of Directors. CEO carries on the daily business of the Company according to the directions and policies of the Board of Directors to ensure the achievement of Company objectives set by the Board of Directors. The following figure shows the organizational structure of the Company: