Company’s Activities

About Al Hammadi

Company’s Activities

Objectives of  Al Hammadi Holding  Company

The Company shall carry out and implement the following activities:
1. Managing its subsidiaries or participating in the management of other companies in which the Company holds shares and providing the necessary support to them.
2. Investing its funds in equities and other securities in accordance with legal and regulatory controls.
3. Owning real estate and movables necessary to carry out its activity
4. Providing loans, guarantees and financing for its affiliated companies.
5. Owning the property rights of patents, trademarks, industrial rights, franchises and other intangible rights, and exploiting and leasing them to its subsidiaries or to third parties.
6. Acquiring, developing, investing, selling, buying, renting, leasing, managing, operating and maintaining real estate.

The Company shall carry out its activities in accordance with applicable laws, and upon obtaining the required licenses (if any) from competent authorities.