Environmental and Social Initiatives

Al Hammadi is committed to serving its community not only through the provision of quality healthcare services but also through a variety of environmental and social initiatives aimed at building a better tomorrow for Riyadh and its residents. As such, the Group spearheads a host of environmental, social, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives targeted at reducing its carbon footprint, raising awareness, and furthering the training and development of its community’s talented youth.

Environmental Initiatives

In an effort to help preserve our environment, the Group has implemented several sustainability initiatives throughout its portfolio of hospitals. Notably, the Company installed an intelligent adiabatic cooling system that is expected to drastically decrease cooling electricity consumption (an estimated double-digit decrease). Additionally, Al Hammadi planted 100 trees in 2022, in line with its efforts to contribute to reducing pollution in the fast-growing Saudi Arabian capital. Following this initiative, the Group’s Board of Directors approved a proposal to plant a tree every day for the coming year, marking its sustained commitment to prioritizing community wellbeing through responsible practices, sustainability initiatives, and social development programs. Finally, the Group is resilient in its paper waste management initiative, with material decreases seen in printing and the introduction of electronic forms and signatures as an alternative to traditional hard copies. Al Hammadi aims to reach a target of 99% electronic paperwork by 2025. These initiatives are at the core of the Company’s environmental efforts, with a continuous focus on reducing its carbon footprint and minimizing its emissions. While significant progress has been made, management remains committed to furthering its environmental efforts and is currently studying a wide array of initiatives to help make 2023 Al Hammadi’s most successful year from an environmental footprint reduction point of view

CSR Initiatives

Al Hammadi focuses on the following three main CSR initiatives:
Raising healthcare awareness .
Training the future generation of healthcare workers and volunteers.
Improving quality of care through research and training.

Female Empowerment

As the Kingdom remains focused on diversity and inclusion, Al Hammadi is proud to be one of the champions of female empowerment in Riyadh. The Group has been focused on raising awareness, implementing training programs, and furthering women’s opportunities in its employment practices. As of the end of 2022, over 62% of the Group’s total staff were women, constituting 1,788 of a total of 2,864 members. Furthermore, two of Al Hammadi’s total six c-suite executives are women, currently filling the roles of the Group’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the Medical Support Service Company. In order to maintain its high proportion of female staff members and management, the Group constantly embarks on initiatives and campaigns geared at encouraging female workforce participation, including attending employment fairs and offering training programs for the most promising young talent.

Healthcare Awareness

The Group raises healthcare awareness across Riyadh with a variety of initiatives planned throughout the year. Mainly, Al Hammadi produces informed publications on the prevalence of NCDs, their risks, and the lifestyle choices associated with their spread across the Kingdom. These diseases include obesity, diabetes, hypertension, among many others. The Group also provide experienced specialists capable of providing the latest medical advice on the prevention of these diseases and overall safe practices. Additionally, the Group participates in several world health awareness days, leveraging the opportunity to spread knowledge and prevention measures to the community. 2022 saw Al Hammadi’s participation in several of these awareness days, including campaigns for cervical cancer awareness, diabetes awareness, hypertension awareness, hepatitis awareness, hand hygiene awareness, and others. Most notably, the Group set up external booths in shopping centers and public areas for cervical cancer awareness and world diabetes awareness days to better inform the public.

Training of new employees

Training Future Generations In its commitment to providing stellar medical services to all of its patients, Al Hammadi employs a detailed and comprehensive training program for all of its new staff members, including mentorship programs and lectures. These courses include new material added on a perpetual basis following our diligent research efforts in remaining updated with the latest in all medical research and technology. As such, new staff members are able to perform their duties with the most up-to-date information following a full training cycle. The Group is also adamant in attracting talented and intelligent members of the community by marketing the benefits of a medical career. Through several employment fairs, guest lectures, and awareness campaigns, Al Hammadi is able to offer tailored training programs, courses, and seminars to members of the community who are motivated to begin their medical profession

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Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Services Company, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, is a leading provider of essential medications, vaccinations, and drug distribution services. As a key component of Al Hammadi’s comprehensive health care offering, the Pharmaceutical Services Company plays a vital role in ensuring that patients have access to the necessary treatments to support their health and well-being.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) was established in 1985 to meet the education and training needs of all hospital staff, whether medical personnel, doctors or non-medical staff nurses, assistants or technicians.

Training Institutes Women

The Support Services Institutes for Training opened branches for (women) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2020, after the complete acquisition (100%) of Najd Training Institutes, which was established in 1986 AD. Thus, the Support Services Institutes have become one of the leading and specialized institutes in the field of training and education. and development.

Training Institutes Men

The Support Services Institutes for Training opened branches for(Men) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2020, after the complete acquisition (100%) of Najd Training Institutes, which was established in 1986 AD. Thus, the Support Services Institutes have become one of the leading and specialized institutes in the field of training and education. and development.

Sudair Pharmaceutical

Sudair Pharmaceutical Company (SPC) is a leading Saudi-based pharmaceutical firm specializing in specialty care medications. Established in 2014, SPC aims to address unmet medical needs in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, with a focus on cancer-fighting medications and other high-tech treatments for chronic and life-threatening diseases. Al Hammadi Holding Company owns 35% of SPC’s shares, bolstering its commitment to improve healthcare provision and secure the supply of advanced pharmaceuticals. SPC’s innovative business model, international partnerships, and dedication to integrity, quality, innovation, and community service make it an integral player in achieving KSA’s 2030 vision for better health outcomes.

Biopharma Industrial Park

The Biopharma Industrial Park is a progressive subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, operating at the forefront of biotechnology and life sciences innovation. As a pivotal contributor to Al Hammadi’s comprehensive health care services, the Biopharma Industrial Park is committed to driving advancements in medical research, development, and production. Its focus on cutting-edge technologies and scientific expertise enables the organization to make significant strides in improving patient care, as well as advancing the medical sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Construction & Maintenance

The Construction and Maintenance Company is a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, specializing in providing high-quality hospital maintenance, engineering works, and other related services. As an integral part of the Al Hammadi group, this company plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of health care facilities while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for patients and medical staff, the company recently obtained certificates in quality, safety and environmental management.

Home Medical Care

Home Medical Care, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, provides comprehensive and personalized healthcare services to patients in the comfort of their own homes. This innovative approach to healthcare delivery aims to enhance patient satisfaction, reduce hospital readmissions, and improve overall patient outcomes. By offering a wide range of medical services in a familiar and comfortable environment, Home Medical Care strives to promote patient well-being and independence.


Telemedicine Company, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, is at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare delivery by leveraging advanced technology to provide remote medical services. This innovative approach to healthcare enables patients to access quality medical care from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, eliminating geographical barriers and reducing the burden on traditional healthcare facilities.

Unified Procurement

Unified Procurement, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, is a specialized company responsible for managing all medical and non-medical hospital purchases and supplies. As an integral part of Al Hammadi’s comprehensive health care services, Unified Procurement plays a vital role in ensuring that hospitals and clinics have access to the necessary equipment, supplies, and consumables needed to provide high-quality care to their patients.

Arabian Hospitality

Arabian Hospitality, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, is a prominent player in the domain of hospital support services, dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, laundry, medical staff attire, and food services for patients. As an integral part of the Al Hammadi Holding group, Arabian Hospitality ensures a seamless and comfortable experience for both patients and medical staff, contributing to the overall excellence of the group’s health care offerings, the company recently obtained the certificates of Quality Management, Food Safety, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Narjis

Al Narjis Hospital – Expected launch in 2028 .Building on this, Al Hammadi is expecting to launch its fourth hospital in 2028. The facility will have a capacity of 200 rooms and 120 clinics and will house two centers of excellence focused on rehabilitation and plastic surgery. The facility will be located in Al Narjis neighborhood in the north of the Kingdom’s capital.

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Olaya

Al Olaya Hospital – Expected Launch in 2026 .Al Olaya Hospital was Al Hammadi’s first facility, originally launched back in 1985. At its peak, the facility was home to 200 inpatient rooms and 74 outpatient clinics. The facility was temporarily shut down in the final months of 2021 as management kicked off an extensive renovation plan aimed at constructing a new facility with a new infrastructure and a broader service offering. The revamped facility, which is planned to reopen in 2026, will have a capacity of 200 rooms and 120 clinics and will operate two centers of excellence focused on sports medicine and oncology. The facility is located in the Al Olaya neighborhood of Riyadh, which has historically been a business, commerce, and leisure hub in the city, rendering it a natural residential destination for expats and a large number of Saudi citizens.

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Suwaidi

Launched in 2015, Al Suwaidi Hospital is located in a strategic southwest neighborhood of KSA’s capital. Today, the facility houses 300 inpatient rooms, 80 outpatient clinics, and 13 operating rooms. The facility also has a cardiac catheterization room, two upper and lower endoscopy rooms, a kidney stone treatment room, and a lithotripsy room. The facility is equipped with the highest quality machinery and medical technology in the market, and services are provided by highly trained and experienced medical professionals. As of year-end 2022, 160 rooms were operational at the facility, with the remaining unutilized rooms offering easy-to-ramp-up capacity to match growing demand. The facility caters to both a significant pool of patients associated with the MOH and private insurance patients primarily from the medium and medium-upper class segment.

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha

Located in a northeast neighborhood of Riyadh and officially inaugurated in 2018, Al Nuzha Hospital was originally launched to cater predominately to medium and upper-medium class patients, leveraging its 300-room capacity, 100 outpatient clinics, and 13 operating rooms. In 2022, the facility continued its premiumization, converting double rooms into single rooms to cater to increasing demand from higher-income class A/VIP patients and enabling the Group to capitalize on the important growth opportunities offered by this expanding segment. Today, Al Nuzha Hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical services, all provided by the facility’s highly experienced medical staff