Who we are

Al Hammadi Holding is an integrated healthcare group and a premier hospital operator in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA), providing world-class healthcare services to hundreds of thousands of local and foreign residents each year. The Group currently operates two hospitals in the Saudi Arabian capital, housing 600 inpatient rooms and 180 outpatient clinics. In line with the Group’s ambitious growth plans and the Saudi Vision 2030 strategy, Al Hammadi is aiming to inaugurate two more facilities in Riyadh over the coming six years, more than doubling its inpatient and outpatient capacity. Al Hammadi also plans to build on its recent achievements by expanding its pharmaceutical offering through its subsidiary, Pharma Serve. Moreover, through its associate, Sudair Pharma, Al Hammadi is engaged in specialized pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Across its Al Nuzha and Al Suwaidi facilities, Al Hammadi Holding offers a broad range of specialties and adheres to the highest international service quality standards, guaranteeing superior treatment outcomes and patient experiences. Both of the Group’s facilities are located in strategic neighborhoods of RIYADH, the Capital City of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enabling Al Hammadi Holding to tap into a wide range of patient segments across both the local Saudi and expat populations.Today, Al Hammadi Holding ranks as one of the largest private operators in the city catering to medium and medium-upper class patients, with an implied market share of 20%. In parallel, leveraging the recently completed premiumization of its Al Nuzha facility and the spare capacity available at its Al Suwaidi facility, the Group is also able to capture a share of the city’s Class A & VIP patient pools.

Our Story

Al Hammadi boasts a 35-year-long track record of operational and medical excellence, which has seen the Group steadily climb the ranks to become the go-to healthcare provider for thousands of national and expat patients in Riyadh.

1985 - 2022


Al Hammadi launches Olaya facility with a capacity of 50 beds and 12 clinics


Al Hammadi embarks on an expansion strategy announcing plans to launch two new facilities in Al Suwaidi and Al Nuzha


Consistent operational and financial growth at Olaya sees the facility expand its capacity to more than 300 beds and 74 clinics.


Increasing the company’s capital by 30% through initial public offering (IPO )


The opening of the Second Facility, Al Hammadi Hospital Al Suwaidi, in Al Suwaidi district, Riyadh



The opening of the Third Facility, Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha, in Al Nuzha district, Riyadh


The Acquisition of Medical Support Services company


The Acquisition of 35% of Sudair Pharmaceutical Company


The Construction of a new Hospital to replace the current Al Hammadi Hospital Olaya


The Purchase of a 19,202 square meter plot of land in Al Narjis district for the Construction of the fourth Facility , Al Hammadi Hospital Al Narjis


We envision being a leading investment company in the region that puts in place trade structures and practices to enable producers to enjoy sustainable and secure livelihoods. We aspire to build an innovative trade model of responsible business and promote sustainable development and growth with special focus in health care through vertical and horizontal integrations.


Our mission is to be recognized for our high level of ethical and professional standards and uncompromising commitment towards enhancing investors’ interest. We endeavor to work with like-minded investors to respond to emerging needs and opportunities with creativity and professionalism. We strive to create a global network that advocates for Fair Trade and ensures that our stakeholders’ voices are heard and are connected to external and more profitable markets.

Our Strategy

To ensure Al Hammadi’s continued growth and value creation for patients and stake- holders, management adheres to a multi-pillar strategy that looks to expand the Group’s business while maintaining the quality and financial prudence that have been key in securing Al Hammadi’s success since inception.

Capacity expansion with continued focus on attractive Riyadh market
Building on its existing platform, the Group is looking to roll out two additional facilities in the coming seven years. Together, the new facilities will increase the Group’s capacity by an additional 400 rooms and 240 clinics, enabling it to effectively capitalize on the attractive growth prospects of Riyadh’s healthcare
market. The new facilities will be strategically located in neighborhoods where the Group’s value proposition and reputation are well-placed to drive immediate growth.

Launch of lucrative new specialization to drive growth and gain market share
To complement its geographical and capacity expansions, the Group is also looking to further develop its service offering and capitalize on the current trends witnessed in the healthcare industry. As such, while all new hospitals will offer a full portfolio of services, they will also be housing multiple centers of excellence specifically focused on high-growth service segments. These include rehabilitation, plastic surgery, sports medicine, and oncology.

Adhere to prudent financial policies to provide headroom and flexibility
Management closely monitors the Group’s debt profile and aims to maintain a sensible level to provide enough headroom to allow for unforeseen volatility. More importantly, Al Hammadi successfully committed itself to maintaining certain key financial ratios at or below specified thresholds, limiting its exposure, and ensuring its growth does not come at the expense of present or future financial stability. This has allowed Al Hammadi to maintain strong liquidity positions and stand reinforced against market vulnerability. The Group intends to continue strategically using short and long-term financing tools alongside its cash flow from operations to finance future cash needs and fuel the business’ growth.

Al Hammadi Holding’s Board of Directors

Based on the meeting of the Extraordinary General Assembly of Al Hammadi Holding Company held on Monday, 21/11/1443, corresponding to 20/6/2022, through which a new board of directors was elected for the Al Hammadi Holding Company for the session that begins its work from 22/6/2022 and for a period Three years ending on 06/21/2025, where Al Hammadi Holding Company announces the Board of Directors’ decision issued on 11/21/1443, corresponding to 06/20/2022, which includes the appointment of the chairman and his deputy and the formation of committees, in accordance with Article (18) of the company’s articles of association.

The Board of Directors formed of a number of its committees namely the Audit Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and the Executive Committee, and these committees have approved regulations and rules that form part of the Company’s internal governance system and define the tasks and responsibilities of each.

The Company has an executive management consists of a team with extensive experience and high skills to manage the Company efficiently and effectively within the framework of directives issued by the Board of Directors.

CEO carries on the daily business of the Company according to the directions and policies of the Board of Directors to ensure the achievement of Company objectives set by the Board of Directors.

Dr. Abdulaziz
Mohammed Al Hammadi

Chairman of the Board
of Directors


Mr. Mohammed
Saleh Al Hammadi

Vice Chairman of the Board
of Directors


Dr. Abdulaziz
Saleh Al Hammadi

Member of the Board
of Directors & COO


Mr. Aziz
Muhammad Algahtani

Member of the Board of

Independent Member

Dr. Ahmed
Ibrahim AlSagheir

Member of the Board of

Independent Member

Mr. Saad
Abdelmohsen Alhaimidi

Member of the Board of

Independent Member

Dr. Nasser
Hamd Bin saif

Member of the Board of

Independent Member

Mr. Fahad
Suliman Alnuhait

Member of the Board of

Independent Member

Our Accreditations

Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Services Company, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, is a leading provider of essential medications, vaccinations, and drug distribution services. As a key component of Al Hammadi’s comprehensive health care offering, the Pharmaceutical Services Company plays a vital role in ensuring that patients have access to the necessary treatments to support their health and well-being.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) was established in 1985 to meet the education and training needs of all hospital staff, whether medical personnel, doctors or non-medical staff nurses, assistants or technicians.

Training Institutes Women

The Support Services Institutes for Training opened branches for (women) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2020, after the complete acquisition (100%) of Najd Training Institutes, which was established in 1986 AD. Thus, the Support Services Institutes have become one of the leading and specialized institutes in the field of training and education. and development.

Training Institutes Men

The Support Services Institutes for Training opened branches for(Men) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2020, after the complete acquisition (100%) of Najd Training Institutes, which was established in 1986 AD. Thus, the Support Services Institutes have become one of the leading and specialized institutes in the field of training and education. and development.

Sudair Pharmaceutical

Sudair Pharmaceutical Company (SPC) is a leading Saudi-based pharmaceutical firm specializing in specialty care medications. Established in 2014, SPC aims to address unmet medical needs in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, with a focus on cancer-fighting medications and other high-tech treatments for chronic and life-threatening diseases. Al Hammadi Holding Company owns 35% of SPC’s shares, bolstering its commitment to improve healthcare provision and secure the supply of advanced pharmaceuticals. SPC’s innovative business model, international partnerships, and dedication to integrity, quality, innovation, and community service make it an integral player in achieving KSA’s 2030 vision for better health outcomes.

Biopharma Industrial Park

The Biopharma Industrial Park is a progressive subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, operating at the forefront of biotechnology and life sciences innovation. As a pivotal contributor to Al Hammadi’s comprehensive health care services, the Biopharma Industrial Park is committed to driving advancements in medical research, development, and production. Its focus on cutting-edge technologies and scientific expertise enables the organization to make significant strides in improving patient care, as well as advancing the medical sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Construction & Maintenance

The Construction and Maintenance Company is a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, specializing in providing high-quality hospital maintenance, engineering works, and other related services. As an integral part of the Al Hammadi group, this company plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of health care facilities while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for patients and medical staff, the company recently obtained certificates in quality, safety and environmental management.

Home Medical Care

Home Medical Care, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, provides comprehensive and personalized healthcare services to patients in the comfort of their own homes. This innovative approach to healthcare delivery aims to enhance patient satisfaction, reduce hospital readmissions, and improve overall patient outcomes. By offering a wide range of medical services in a familiar and comfortable environment, Home Medical Care strives to promote patient well-being and independence.


Telemedicine Company, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, is at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare delivery by leveraging advanced technology to provide remote medical services. This innovative approach to healthcare enables patients to access quality medical care from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, eliminating geographical barriers and reducing the burden on traditional healthcare facilities.

Unified Procurement

Unified Procurement, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, is a specialized company responsible for managing all medical and non-medical hospital purchases and supplies. As an integral part of Al Hammadi’s comprehensive health care services, Unified Procurement plays a vital role in ensuring that hospitals and clinics have access to the necessary equipment, supplies, and consumables needed to provide high-quality care to their patients.

Arabian Hospitality

Arabian Hospitality, a subsidiary of Al Hammadi Holding, is a prominent player in the domain of hospital support services, dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, laundry, medical staff attire, and food services for patients. As an integral part of the Al Hammadi Holding group, Arabian Hospitality ensures a seamless and comfortable experience for both patients and medical staff, contributing to the overall excellence of the group’s health care offerings, the company recently obtained the certificates of Quality Management, Food Safety, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Narjis

Al Narjis Hospital – Expected launch in 2028 .Building on this, Al Hammadi is expecting to launch its fourth hospital in 2028. The facility will have a capacity of 200 rooms and 120 clinics and will house two centers of excellence focused on rehabilitation and plastic surgery. The facility will be located in Al Narjis neighborhood in the north of the Kingdom’s capital.

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Olaya

Al Olaya Hospital – Expected Launch in 2026 .Al Olaya Hospital was Al Hammadi’s first facility, originally launched back in 1985. At its peak, the facility was home to 200 inpatient rooms and 74 outpatient clinics. The facility was temporarily shut down in the final months of 2021 as management kicked off an extensive renovation plan aimed at constructing a new facility with a new infrastructure and a broader service offering. The revamped facility, which is planned to reopen in 2026, will have a capacity of 200 rooms and 120 clinics and will operate two centers of excellence focused on sports medicine and oncology. The facility is located in the Al Olaya neighborhood of Riyadh, which has historically been a business, commerce, and leisure hub in the city, rendering it a natural residential destination for expats and a large number of Saudi citizens.

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Suwaidi

Launched in 2015, Al Suwaidi Hospital is located in a strategic southwest neighborhood of KSA’s capital. Today, the facility houses 300 inpatient rooms, 80 outpatient clinics, and 13 operating rooms. The facility also has a cardiac catheterization room, two upper and lower endoscopy rooms, a kidney stone treatment room, and a lithotripsy room. The facility is equipped with the highest quality machinery and medical technology in the market, and services are provided by highly trained and experienced medical professionals. As of year-end 2022, 160 rooms were operational at the facility, with the remaining unutilized rooms offering easy-to-ramp-up capacity to match growing demand. The facility caters to both a significant pool of patients associated with the MOH and private insurance patients primarily from the medium and medium-upper class segment.

Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha

Located in a northeast neighborhood of Riyadh and officially inaugurated in 2018, Al Nuzha Hospital was originally launched to cater predominately to medium and upper-medium class patients, leveraging its 300-room capacity, 100 outpatient clinics, and 13 operating rooms. In 2022, the facility continued its premiumization, converting double rooms into single rooms to cater to increasing demand from higher-income class A/VIP patients and enabling the Group to capitalize on the important growth opportunities offered by this expanding segment. Today, Al Nuzha Hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical services, all provided by the facility’s highly experienced medical staff